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Project Description
This project helps native C++ and .NET developers to easily display cool text with a colored outline and translucent shadows.

I was always fascinated by the outline text. I searched on the web for an outline text library which allows me to do outline text. Sadly I found none. Those that I found, are too difficult for me to retrofit them to my general purpose and I do not fully understand their sparsely commented codes. I decided to roll up my sleeves to write my own outline text library. The article listed here is about how to use my library. Please visit Outline Text Article and Outline Text Part 2 Article for a more updated tutorial and documentation on this library.


Example on how to do the above effect is in the ScratchPad project (Cpp MFC) and TestOutlineTextForm project (CSharp winform).

The next version is going to portable and based on freetype and UI framework agnostic. The library generates text bitmap and it is up to the UI framework to display the bitmap.

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